There are tons of landmarks, the largest being Motostoke, Hammerlocke, and the overhead bridge of Route 5. Marks known town locations on map. Watchtower Ruinslies in the northwestern corner. One kind of special Poke Ball, such as a Quick Ball, a Timer Ball, or a Net Ball. They’re mostly just for funsies bits and bobs, but having access to Wishing Pieces and powerful TMs really is quite important, especially if you’re planning on getting into competitive battling at some point. Magic Map: Key item. Saber Fang: Key item. However, you will often find Pokémon higher than you can catch it. #1: Key Item. You can get Watts in a range of different ways: you can interact with glowing Poke Dens, catch Pokemon with a Brilliant Aura, or compete in the rip-roaring Rotom Rally. These can be good to battle for … Black Pass: Key item. Holy Symbol: Cures Bad Omen status effect.

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