And you’re right, all of the torture came from the arms of others, and the worst torture of the Magistrate inflicted pain through his arms. Admirable in theory but disappointing in execution, Waiting for the Barbarians struggles to turn strong performances and worthy themes into … In a novel marked by graphic imagery of torture and desperation, I was shocked by the oddly hopeful ending to the book. ( Log Out /  This act symbolizes the ability for children to find joy in the midst of an unprecedented low point in the frontier town. Your comment, “They allow the newly created man to see, to hear, to smell and to speak, but not to touch.” really stood out to me. Complete summary of J. M. Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians.

Posted on April 3, 2011 by MRaj. Change ), Course blog for English 298 (12 pm section) Spring 2011, Reading Questions: Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”. Perhaps I am being too optimistic for the future of the town and am searching for some hope midst the torture and depression of the novel. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For the people in the town, snow means winter, struggle and hardship, but at the same time it functions as a cleansing. The dirty, tainted town is resurfaced and polished in white. Arms allow people to work, to touch, to hold onto things. By not interrupting, he is allowing the children to be on their own and to function as a new generation separate from the mistakes of the elders. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. See Plot Diagram Summary Colonel Joll Arrives Waiting for the Barbarians tells the story of an unnamed magistrate, or judge, living in a remote outpost of the Empire.The magistrate lives a relatively quiet, uneventful life until being visited by Colonel Joll.Joll represents the Empire as he travels from town to town searching for news of the barbarians … I thought that your focus on the snowman was very interesting. In his mind he is emphasizing the importance of what he and the people on the frontier have created. 287. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Waiting for the Barbarians. 'Barbarians' makes for difficult watching. I really like the way you pointed out the details of this aspect of the ending of the novel. As we discussed in class, light reflects truth or the discovery of the truth.

I thought about what arms are used for. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The final moments of “Waiting for the Barbarians” are some of its best: The final shot, and what it says about the inevitable legacy of the Empire’s actions, still lingers with me. Perhaps a man without arms is a man who is able to prevent the war. This is not the scene I dreamed of” (156). They allow the newly created man to see, to hear, to smell and to speak, but not to touch. Waiting For The Barbarians, J.M. With Mark Rylance, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Gana Bayarsaikhan. A Magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the empire.

I recognized the snowman in relation to the Magistrate’s recurring dream, but I did not think to analyze the way the children were making the snowman. In the Magistrate’s dream, he sees a hooded girl making a snow replica of the town.

The Magistrate’s dream becomes a reality as the town is softly covered in snow. The snow is both bright like a light, and it also lays on the ground with an “eerie lightness” (155). Magistrate says, “It strikes me that the snowman will need arms too, but I do not want to interfere” (155).
The senses that the children have given the snowman are those that the Magistrate feels he and the other government workers are unable to possess at one time or another – he cannot truly see or communicate with Col. Joll, and he believes Col. Joll to be blind to the world around him as well. Waiting for the Barbarians: A Happy Ending. This can also be read as the Magistrate’s dream for the town is now what has become of it, yet it is still “not bad.” It is down going to take a different path. This is no Tim Burton movie. With my reading of the ending, I also wonder, if the children are separate from the Magistrate, are they doomed to ultimately repeat the mistakes of his generation? It is interesting that the children here are not making a replica of the town, but instead the replica of a man, emphasizing in a way the importance of each person rather than what the group leaves behind. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Coetzee Waiting for the Barbarians is a novel by the South African-born Nobel laureate J. M. Coetzee. It is important that the Magistrate does not interfere as well.

( Log Out /  Perhaps the Magistrate is reminding the boys that they need to give the snowman freedom, but arms also function in the novel as weapons. ( Log Out /  Arms are the first part of the body that prisoners are no longer allowed to use, as they are tied behind their backs. This hopeful image is furthered by the children who are building a snowman in the town. The white of the snow reflects the possibility of purity as well as a new light to the town. In a novel marked by graphic imagery of torture and desperation, I was shocked by the oddly hopeful ending to … First published in 1980. The children begin by making the body and the head. Waiting for the Barbarians: A Happy Ending? Waiting for the Barbarians is a novel by the South African writer J. M. Coetzee.First published in 1980, it was chosen by Penguin for its series Great Books of the 20th Century and won both the James Tait … Waiting for the Barbarians Critics Consensus. The boys add the “eyes, ears, nose and mouth” (155). Directed by Ciro Guerra. They are used to strike the prisoners and to control swords and guns. ( Log Out / 
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