[67] Columnist Jeff Benjamin of Billboard K-Town noted how he is known for his low-bass timbre rapping,[68] while fellow journalist Tamar Herman, wrote that T.O.P's rap is "an integral part to the group's sound" and that he tends to favor an "confident, almost mocking, tone". –How to follow Big Bang’s SNS accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook He wishes for a woman who is stylish, sexy, nice to people around her, works hard, has a good taste, has a sense of humor, has strong features and keeps a clean tongue. [5] While internationally, Big Bang is often referred to as a "K-pop" group, T.O.P has expressed distaste with the label[75] noting how "[y]ou don't divide pop music by who's doing it. Lovelife about Daesung of BIGBANG, Who is Seungri’s Girlfriend? –Did Plastic Surgery Ruin BIGBANG T.O.P’s Face? [61] Afterwards T.O.P was discharged on July 6, 2019. As a solo rapper, he has released two digital singles, "Turn It Up" (2010) and "Doom Dada" (2013), that have peaked at number two and four, respectively, on the Gaon Digital Chart. It’s no secret, among Big Bang fans, T.O.P is by far the most reserved and private out of the five members and usually prefers not to talk about his love life in public, stating “I have few relationships since I became a singer, and I have never introduced my girlfriend even to my closest friends. Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014) [31] All three singles preceded the release of the album and attained commercial successes: "Knock Out" was a chart topper[32] while "Oh Yeah" and "High High" both peaked at number two and number three respectively. I once dated a girl who loves to drink. How to follow Big Bang’s SNS accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook. Despite being a rapper, he sang on the single "Hi Haruka" as part of the drama's soundtrack. 's first solo song "Big Boy". Everything About ZE:A: Profile, Facts, Discography, etc. When he appeared for the Japan Premiere stage greeting of the movie “71: Into the Fire”, he revealed that he wants to get married in the future. Big Bang member TOP opened up about his performance with Lee Hyori back in 2008. According to A Hundred Q&A by Japanese Magazine The Television, June 2010 edition, when asked about what is his ideal bride, T.O.P answered “A person who can get along with me.

Lovelife about G-Dragon of BIGBANG, Who is Daesung’s Girlfriend? T.O.P's performance the 2010 war drama 71: Into the Fire was well-received, earning him several Best New Actor awards at local award giving bodies. [5] He and fellow future Big Bang member Kwon Ji-yong were "neighborhood friend[s] from middle school" and often danced and rapped together. and ZiA for her single "I Only See You". Big Bang’s T.O.P Reveals His Criteria for Ideal Girlfriend and How Many... Story Behind PENTAGON’s Nickname ‘The Rookie Idol With Three Dating Scandals’. Haru (2010) ", "G-Dragon and Top: 'Rappers Acknowledge Our Instinctive Hip Hop, "BIGBANG in America: Behind the Scenes With the K-Pop Boy Wonders", "BIGBANG's T.O.P's 10 Most Memorable Songs", "BIG BANG'S < T.O.P > TURNS UP THE HEAT ON ITUNES HIP-HOP/RAP SINGLES CHARTS WORLDWIDE", "T.O.P'S INTERVIEW WITH ESQUIRE: "MAD TO BE NORMAL" (MAY 2015)", "Big Bang's T.O.P Poses on Cover of Dazed", "Fandom, Not Genre, K-Pop Surpasses The Limitations Of Music - KultScene", "They're the biggest band in Asia, but Big Bang's days may be numbered", "BIGBANG's T.O.P. [64], On the morning of March 3, 2020, T.O. Someone nice to everyone in her surroundings. The project was named #TTTOP, and it featured 28 works by both Asian and Western artists.

1 - Since 2007, received lukewarm receptions,[13] and included T.O.P. in intensive care after overdose", "T.O.P admits to all charges at first hearing", "Big Bang's T.O.P pleads guilty to pot charges", "(LEAD) BIGBANG's T.O.P. Many of his fans are curious about what his ideal type is. Who is G-Dragon’s Girlfriend? He made a donation to the Seungil Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides aid to Lou Gehrig patients. I don’t really care about the age.”. (T.O.P. In 2016, Kpopmap revealed what his ideal type is: On September 16, 2015, many fans had a chance to send in their personal questions when T.O.P was doing a live stream on V Live App. T.O.P also recently said he prefers them not to drink alcohol. Despite wanting to use his stage name when acting, believing it reflects his professional side more, he is often billed with his real name, with his stage name included in parenthesis. We provide you with the latest Korean news.

[49] After news broke in June that he would be prosecuted without detention for use of marijuana,[50] T.O.P was subsequently transferred to a different police division to await notice of prosecution, and was suspended from police duty pending verdict on his case. "[72] In an attempt to create their own style away from their band, the duo opted for a more hip hop sound to contrast the Big Bang's current genre at the time, electronic music, though the influence of this genre along with R&B and acoustic was acknowledged. Watch Queue Queue [5] He also became a host of MBC's music program Music Core. Later that summer, he appeared as an actor in Red Roc's "Hello" music video. [27], Later that year, T.O.P and bandmate G-Dragon formed a subunit to release the album GD & TOP (2010). TWICE Mina Goes Viral With Korean Netizens... Can You Guess Why. The media reported an article with an image which claims that T.O.P has went to Min-a’s house. Watch Queue Queue. I thought I needed to focus if I was going to pull this off and walked around once. Lovelife about Taeyang of BIGBANG The fact that I was doing a kiss performance... As I was walking around I thought to myself ‘Would my fans be okay if I kissed her here?’, but as soon the as camera light turned on, I thought to myself 'show time', and just went with it.”. He is a member of the popular South Korean boy band Big Bang. [23] Simultaneously, T.O.P began to prepare for his solo musical debut.
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