It was only after this, according to Appian, that Octavius slinked away unnoticed and was replaced as tribune by Quintus Memmius. [32] Nonetheless, the agrarian commission found itself faced with many difficulties and obstacles. In Appian's account, Tiberius Gracchus is seen as a popular hero, and there is no account given of Tiberius' justification for deposing Octavius.[18]. [29] The Senate attempted to mollify the people by allowing the agrarian law to go into effect and a vote to replace Tiberius on the commission; the job fell to Publius Crassus, father-in-law of Tiberius' brother Gaius. book. [18] This version effectively mitigates the accusation that Tiberius ever laid hands on an inviolate person such as Octavius, instead showing that Tiberius won his support with full legality. [1], Now both consuls, backed by plebeian and patrician alike, vied for the neutral body of Romans. The slave war in Sicily, which had lasted several years and had threatened to spread to Italy, had underlined both the danger of using large numbers of slaves on the land and the need for a major increase in military citizen manpower. Together, the two are called the Gracchi . [4] Joachim Molthagen, Die Durchführung der gracchischen Agrarreform, Historia XXII 1973, 423. He had served on Tiberius’ land commission and had supported Flaccus’ plan. In Appian's version, after 17 of the 35 tribes voted in favor of Tiberius, Tiberius implored Octavius to step aside lest he be deprived of his office. In one stand-off between Tiberius and Titus Annius, a renowned orator, Annius argued that if a colleague of Tiberius stood to defend him and Tiberius disapproved, he would simply in a passion physically remove the man. Elected tribune for 133, in Scipio’s absence, Tiberius attempted to find a solution for the social and military crisis, with the political credit to go to himself and his backers. [8], The people voted to have Mancinus sent back to the Numantines in chains, a proposition Mancinus himself accepted, though later the Numantines refused to accept him as a prisoner. Tiberius Gracchus only moved to have Marcus Octavius removed from office after a vote was put to the Assembly. [4] In 137 BC he was appointed quaestor to consul Gaius Hostilius Mancinus and served his term in Numantia (Hispania province).

From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Sometimes it had been leased, rented, or resold to other holders after the initial sale or rental. They convinced another tribune, named Marcus Octavius, to oppose Tiberius Gracchus. They were also members of the Populares, a group of progressive activists interested in land reforms to … Tiberius’ opponents now charged him with aiming at tyranny, a charge that many may well have believed: redistribution of land was connected with demagogic tyranny in Hellenistic states, and Tiberius’ subsequent actions had been high-handed and beyond the flexible borderline of what was regarded as mos majorum (constitutional custom).

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