The figure of 800,000 may greatly overestimate the number of actual executions, as it includes many who were sentenced to death but who were not actually caught or who had their sentences reduced (Getty, Rittersporn, and Zemskov, 1993). What is much more interesting than the film itself, however, is the reactions it drew from bourgeois critics. She also states: Both Western and Soviet estimates of GNP growth in the Soviet Union indicate that GNP per capita grew in every decade in the postwar era, at times far surpassing the growth rates of the developed western economies. He also rejects the common claim that non-Russian nationalities were disproportionately targeted. Stalin initially set a cap of 186,500 imprisonments and 72,950 death penalties for a 1937 special operation to combat this threat that was to be carried out by local 3-man tribunals called ''troikas" (Getty, Ritterspom, and Zemskov, 1993). In fact, they’re mostly using their native accents. Stalin: History and Criticism of a Black Legend, "In seeking to condemn Stalin as solely responsible for all the catastrophes that occurred in the USSR, far from liquidating the cult of personality, Khrushchev merely transformed it into a negative cult. The savagery of the Russian Civil War, the multiple invasions from capitalist powers, and the increasing threat of a war against fascism make the paranoid atmosphere of the late-1930's understandable, if not condonable; yet even while we discuss the genuine causes of the Purge, and reject the hysterical anti-communist mud-throwing of the Cold Warriors, we must still acknowledge the black mark that the Purge leaves on Stalin's legacy. communist party of great britain (marxist-leninist), The Death of Stalin graphic novel inspires film, makes Russia nervous, The Death of Stalin review: Carry on Kremlin, wrote extensively on the reasons he felt the film to be in poor taste, Why I still refuse to praise the film The Death of Stalin, Carry on up the Kremlin: how The Death of Stalin plays Russian roulette with the truth, The Death of Stalin: a black comic masterpiece? This piece was originally posted on Alcohollywood. It must also be noted that, contrary to the popular conception of Stalin's USSR as a place of "total terror" (to quote Hannah Arendt), the majority of the population did not feel threatened by the purges.
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