I took pleasure in looking upon them; but shortly I saw at a distance such objects as greatly diminished my satisfaction, and which I could not view without terror, namely, a great number of serpents, so monstrous that the least of them was capable of swallowing an elephant. Thus Sindbad ended the relation of the second voyage, gave Hindbad another hundred sequins, and invited him to come the next day to hear the account of the third. Shortly after, the serpent came hissing to the foot of the tree, raised itself up against the trunk of it, and meeting with my comrade, who sat lower than I, swallowed him at once, and went off. We desire the same part in your friendship, considering that we believe it to be our merit, as we are both kings. He slept thus till morning. In the reign of the same caliph, Haroun al Raschid, of whom we have already heard, there lived at Bagdad a poor porter, called Hindbad. The mountain at the foot of which we were was covered with wrecks, with a vast number of human bones, and with an incredible quantity of goods and riches of all kinds, These objects served only to augment our despair. I upbraided myself a hundred times for not being content with the produce of my first voyage, that might have sufficed me all my life. I made several others for the ministers and principal officers of his household, which gained me great reputation and regard. The Story of Sindbad the Sailor by Arabian Nights. I did the same; and the apes, out of revenge, threw coconuts at us so fast, and with such gestures, as sufficiently testified their anger and resentment. I took a large one, and after cleaning it, pressed into it some juice of grapes, which abounded in the island.

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