Q: I've been dating this guy for two months and he is already saying I love you.

"Love is a process," Dr. Chloe says. 1. This led to me neglecting my own needs, because he’d take it as personal criticism if I told him I needed something he didn’t already give me." You know they are on the rebound if they got out of a long-term relationship recently, they are moving too fast in the relationship, or they talk about their ex all the time.

If you don’t reciprocate, we don’t blame you—the three words uttered that soon would shock anyone.
[via], 16. This is one of the early red flags in a relationship you must spot. FINDING a partner who's looking to be exclusive, seems head over heels for you and makes grand romantic gestures can feel like hitting the dating jackpot. One that stays closed off, rather than discuss an issue that’s of importance. Have you ever been with someone who’s self-absorbed? "Anger issues, 'having a temper', explosive outbursts of anger when things didn't go his way, and lashing out physically and verbally when upset. "I really like you, too," you might say. So much is going through your head. "The way everyone falls in love is unique and there’s no right or wrong way to do it," says WH advisor and licensed psychologist "Dr. Chloe" Carmichael, PhD. If your partner is facing dislike from your family and friends, they may be right.

This will help you know the right questions to ask early on in the relationship and spot the red flags. Self-absorption is one of the early red flags in relationships which one notices even on the first date. [via], 7.

That's why Rebecca Hendrix, LMFT, recommends first anticipating what these words mean for both you and your partner. A red flag is a good intuitive image to help you process what you’re really feeling.

A loved-up relationship can quickly turn "toxic and unhealthy" if your new beau's guilt-tripping you into spending all your time with them, or making it hard to see your girlfriends. If you aren't sure what you're feeling is actually love (versus lust or attachment or infatuation/obsession), Firstein has a good pulse check: "It's when the feeling of care and tenderness is persistent and not just situational.".

"Someone has to say it first," Firstein says. Straight dating habits queer people don't get, "Why can't I be Christian and on dating apps?". Your partner keeps you hidden.

It’s always better to spot the red flags in relationships very early before you invest too much. Are you looking for love on dating apps? And they're pretty revealing. He would ignore me for hours when I asked to make plans and would reply with “maybe”, in case his buddies wanted to do something. And in moments of struggle?
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