This is further proven by her disheveled appearance in "The Coming Storm". C'est aussi le cas face à Weiss Schnee et Blake Belladonna, car, malgré le fait qu'elles trois fois plus nombreuses, elle s'est révélée directement au trio et était prête à se battre. Her weapon of choice is called Hush, a parasol with a concealed blade. Ses cheveux sont noirs, avec des mèches plus claires où elles sont normalement blanches, et des yeux verts. Neo was extremely loyal to Roman and appeared to be close with him. History Neo porte une veste blanche à doublure rose, un pantalon marron et gris avec des bottes aux talons très hauts. It is noticeably thicker with a slight wave to it along with shorter bangs and missing her white streaks. Behind the Scenes. This type of cane sword was originally called a "dolon" and was first used by the ancient Romans. Neo's is said to be sweet, loving, and loyal, though her loyalty is limited only to Roman himself.[4]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Les yeux naturels de Neo change de couleur entre le brun, rose pâle et blanc, et leur couleur peut avoir des combinaisons différentes, selon ses envies. Dans son cas, c'est une hétérochromiecomplète… Despite being mute, Neo has displayed a level of cunning and skill in acting when using her Semblance, as seen when she observes and notices the close relationship between Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie and is able to use it to emotionally manipulate Ren into giving her an opening to attack and escape. After Cinder reveals her Maiden powers, Neo agrees to work for her to kill Ruby. Neo is seen working with Cinder after Roman's incarceration. Later Neo displayed her new mastery over her Semblance, where she managed to completely disguise and cover an entire Mistral Airship with her Aura to physically resemble an Atlas Manta ship, where she then implied that she could maintain the facade long enough to fool the Atlas Military and cross the continental border checkpoint into Atlas. Offscreen, Neo attacked Oscar and stole the Relic before impersonating him in front of Team JNR. While fighting Cinder, the illusion concealing Neo's outfit was not dispelled even after taking hits from the Fall Maiden. Quotes Neo was even further angered when Cinder took the Relic of Knowledge from her without a word of gratitude and failed to give her credit for successfully stealing the Relic. Upon seeing Neo's true form, Jaune appeared upset, and after confirming he knew of Neo, he explained he had 'not heard good things' about her. Neo is highly determined when completing a task, as she is able to deal with any problems presented to her efficiently and competently.

Neo peut changer la couleur de ses yeux à volonté, alternant généralement entre le rose et le marron. 5 étoiles sur 5 (76) 76 avis. She also wears white belted pants and black and white spat styled ankle boots with cutout detail just above the ankle. Later, when she discovers Ruby on their stolen airship, she sends Roman a message with Ruby's picture and the text "Guess who?". La série se centre sur l'équipe RWBY (\"ruby\") quatre jeunes fil… In "The Coming Storm", it is revealed that Neo has not gotten over Roman's death and she wears his hat and later on his grey scarf in remembrance of him.

Similarly, Neo has proven twice that she is capable of hijacking vehicles and easily infiltrate military compounds no matter how well guarded they are.

La ressemblance de Neo lui permet de créer "des illusions physiques qui peuvent être vues de tout le monde".

Sort by: Hot. Neo is part of Cinder's team during the Vytal Festival Tournament. They can also turn white (completing the ice cream theme) although rarely; one turns white as she removes the sword from her umbrella, and both turn white when Raven appears. Neo a également montré un côté sadique, souriant, lorsqu'elle s'est préparée à poignarder Yang. An example of her playful demeanor is when she leaves the Schnee Manor in "Out in the Open". History From the 8th to the 11th of July, 2014, Monty hinted at Neo's Neapolitan ice cream theme by tweeting pictures of Neapolitan ice cream, long before the character's first appearance in the show, a few days after her appearance in the. Ses chaussures sont noires avec un tomoe en guise d'emblème sur la semelle et portées avec des guêtres blanches. Neo a également des réflexes et une rapidité incroyables, évitant facilement plusieurs attaques de Yang, même en tenant son parapluie dans une main. Neo was shown to be devastated after his death, and wears Roman's hat in memory of him. Her hair is done up in a twin tail hairstyle with white bows and her bangs are still in the same usual style from her original appearance. Based on the lyrics of her theme, "One Thing", Neo had a previously horrible, lonely, life until she met Roman, though after his death her life returned to said state. It is yet unclear whether this design choice was a deliberate allusion to her partnership with Roman Torchwick. Son arme de prédilection est un parapluie avec une lame cachée. However, Oscar had not been incapacitated and attacked her, delivering the first clean hit to Neo in the series, shattering her illusion and revealing her identity. This also makes her one of two villains to have no last name given, the other being Salem. The back of Neo's jacket is shown to have a small, coned ice cream keychain that is usually covered by her hair.

While they fought, Nora took two shots at Neo, which were blocked before Neo took her out. When Cinder charged Neo with taking the Relic of Knowledge from Oscar, she rebelled, apparently seeing the task as less important than her revenge. Le collier de Neo est très similaire à celui de. Image Gallery Neo impersonated Oscar after taking the Relic from him and was discovered by Nora, who excitedly ran to meet Neo before Oscar arrived and destroyed her illusion.

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