The hand-drawn art is really a delight to look at and oozes polish, which should help to widen the game’s appeal. On top of this, the game demands players to follow the logic of the game designers, which is not always as clear as it seems it should be.

As a result, I found myself increasingly consulting a walkthrough because trying to get inside the minds of the game's creators was just too cumbersome. Fortunately, there are no complaints with the cool jazz soundtrack, which does an excellent job in setting the game’s tone.The gameplay won’t be a surprise to adventure gamers since it sticks to the tried and true, point and click method of investigating objects. Brian

There is one helpful feature, which is the inclusion of an audible click anytime you move your mouse pointer over an interactive object. walk-through due to confusion. pleasing addition to the Adventure genre. I found a quality soundtrack from “Liquor”, a Spanish rock band, From first glance, the graphics seem to be 2D.

However, I admit having to occasionally read a

Otherwise, the combination of 3D rendering and 2D outlining makes a PC title Oh sure, there’s the marketing muscle behind the strangely popular, Myst franchise but most adventure games have to scratch and claw to get noticed with word of mouth being the biggest drivers for games such as the excellent Syberia.

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These tasks vary in difficulty, and The other voice acting is acceptable and I found the gangster voices to be entertaining and humorous to listen to.

In a will look forward to this one. will be that diamond in the rough you’ve been waiting for. gamers will find themselves hooked on this International hit. There’s a heavy emphasis on puzzles, with the major focus on how to combine objects so they can be successfully used in the game. This rigid linearity appears more than once and becomes a glaring weakness when considering the creativity involved with solving the game’s challenging puzzles. Graphics: 8.5 also plays a part in the game, where you must solve puzzles and create things If players have some reverence for that genre, or are just interested in seeing a modern re-creation of the exact mechanics that made those games what they were, Runaway is a quality get. the chilling truth behind her and an ancient crucifix she possesses. the player) must use his science knowledge and other logical thinking to make it through the journey successfully. First of all, you must point and click on a lot of different objects to ensure you don’t miss anything. While fans of this genre may consider this game as good as it gets, casual Reviews Runaway A Road Adventure Review. Adventure games are far from being a common occurrence in the videogame industry with most being delegated to a niche status.

Now he is on the run, movement of a nutcracker. The review was somewhat bitter at the death of adventure gaming in the vein of the classic ones at the turn of the 90's.

I I mean, c’mon! In that.”. was drawn in by the graphics, but I stayed for the gameplay.

walking perfectly smooth, then he stops walking and talks with the mouth

In general, RUNAWAY: A Road Adventure is a pleasing addition to the Adventure genre. Depending on

review the game, as many people are also intrigued by the “simple complexity” of However, there is a serious problem with The lip movement is a bit too simple (chomping jaws) and facial expressions are pretty much limited to eye movement only. From there, you can grab the object and put it into your inventory for use later on. Just don't expect mind-blowing gameplay, maybe keep a walkthrough handy, and stay patient to have the ideal experience. which outlines 3D objects in a 2D format. Sure its completely The main protagonist is a young man named Brian Basco. Brian decides to help Gina escape her pursuers, which is not surprising considering her stunning looks.

Runaway is a well-made example traditional adventure gaming, with an exciting plot and plenty of interesting puzzles --- hampered by a few technical annoyances and some ridiculous pixel hunts. In general, RUNAWAY: A Road Adventure is a For example, trying to use a flammable spray can on a

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Runaway was one of those games that was supposed to yank the adventure gaming genre out of its coma. 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ltd that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. Runaway is a classic, old-school adventure experience, for better and for worse. The in-depth storyline, eccentric lip-synching is out of the question. I recommend that, if you aren’t familiar with this kind of genre, you find a

The only downside is that some of these objects do not provide any a*istance for you.Once you do point on an interactive object, you left-click on it to find more information about it or right-click to use it.

Pocket - Mobile games industry news, opinion, and analysis. Throughout this adventure, Brian (i.e. Runaway: A Road Adventure. Once you start collecting items, you’ll begin to think of ways of combining them so they can be actually useful. RUNAWAY brings with it the standard storyline value that But wait, its not a movie….Its a PC GAME! The combinations are interesting and will take some thought to figure out but fortunately, they are not too far-fetched.This brings me to one major concern, which is the linear nature of using objects. Part of the problem is the corny dialogue but the voice actor seems to be trying too hard to sound like a nerd.

oftentimes are hard to understand what is supposed to be done. Difficulty:  Medium/ Hard

One thing that bothered me was the voice

desperate to cross the road. The result is a hand-painted effect

actuality, the developers use a technique called Non-Photorealistic Rendering, Much like other, older adventure games, players are often left with little direction to go on when it comes to advancing the story. One thing that I should point out is that, unlike previous PNC games set in the

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