However, the robots begin to regroup, and are ready for another round. Later, UNSC recovery forces arrive to investigate, and the Red and Blue teams are questioned. On January 15 2020, Season 18 was confirmed to be in development with a brief 3-second clip being shown in a promo trailer for upcoming Rooster Teeth releases.[1].

The space pirates arrive at the alien installation displayed on the map. Meanwhile, at the city limits, Carolina questions Epsilon about his sudden disappearance during her fight with Sharkface. Locus, Felix and Siris got Gabriel Lozano, but the job goes south real fast when Lozano's bounty and criminal record is erased and his father, crime boss Ruben, gets involved. However, they soon become unnerved by their surroundings, which they fear may be haunted. At Blue Base, Washington returns from the ship, but is suddenly cut-off by Freckles, who declares that Washington has failed to follow Caboose's orders, and prepares to eliminate him. This Church gives up on trying to correct everything, instead freeing Tex, and rejoining the Blood Gulch soldiers before the explosion, thus being sent into the future. Grey replies that Kimball is too busy trying to reopen peace talks with the UNSC, and she would not tell Dylan anyway due to the media tarnishing the Reds and Blues' names, and by extension Chorus'. Dr. Grey is teleported to the research complex and explains, rather quickly, that the temple emerged from the ground after the UNSC pulled out but hasn't shown any activity thus far.
Believing that the Blues are attacking, Sarge orders the Reds into battle.

At this point it's revealed that Tucker had been recording Felix this whole time. After they leave, a Blue soldier watching them then transforms into a white armored soldier, revealing itself to be the Meta.[16]. Eventually, the Meta manages to stab the storage unit into Tex's visor, capturing her. Washington tells the Meta to kill the prisoners if Sarge causes him any problems and moves out to intercept him. At first reluctant, Sarge decides to go help find Grif after realizing his prized shotgun was taken too.

Apparently, the Alien's race invented the telephone a thousand years before humans did, which, however, fails to impress Tucker, due to the limited verbal communication of the alien race. Epsilon then states that out of everyone he's met he hates the crew the least, in which Tucker responds saying that he'll see him on the other side.
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