Sibylle of Cleves (17 January 1512 – 21 February 1554) was electress consort of Saxony. No one is surprised than me at how much I liked this book because this is not my kind of book at all But the writing was so addicting and the storyline was so interesting Around The Year in 52 Books Challenge #8 A classic with less than 200 pages, Alex Published anonymously in March 1678, and set a century earlier in the royal court of Henry II of France, it recreates that era with remarkable precision. Published in 1678 and written by Marie Madeleine Roche de la Vergne, Countess de Lafayette - a Parisian lady of fashion and great wit, who probably received help from her friend the Duc de la Rochefoucauld, author of the famous Maxims - it recreates with matchless vitality the lives and loves of the sixteenth-century courtiers of King Henry II of France. %äüöß

I read this book in French and as a result of this missed a lot of the smaller details of this book because despite taking French for seven years now I still can't really read it But I got the main idea and what I understood I really liked The book's actually pretty exciting there's lots of court intrigue tournaments plot digressions involving the misplacement of a Very Important Letter on that note isn't it amazing how many older books like this have plot points that revolve around Very Important Letters being misplaced?

By. endobj The first half is rough going every sentence seems to namedrop at least two members of the French aristocracy and it is impossible to keep track of who is being mentioned for the first time and who has already been referred to six lines back But there comes a point where the narrative suddenly clears and it becomes obvious how this rather tortured excursion through the labyrinthine French royal court not only serves to set the stage but emphasizes the countless dangers and social traps the titular character must somehow navigate upon her introduction to it The story that subseuently unfolds is in and of itself extremely simple a beautiful young woman she's of the type that causes every man to gape in astonishment upon entering a room manages to land an advantageous marriage with a kind and... (Sign in to see more), Debbie Zapata
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