"The NeverEnding Story" is the title song from the English version of the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. The orchestral version from the film was never officially released to this day.

It also broke the top 10 in these countries: Furthermore, it actually topped the charts in Japan, Norway, "The NeverEnding Story" is the title song from the English version of the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. The French one, titled "L'histoire Sans Fin", features vocals by Ann Calvert. 2 in Austria, Germany and Italy, No…

The novel was later adapted into several films. While many songs fade out, "The NeverEnding Story" not only fades out but also fades in, thus making it "never-ending". As a reference to the film and its title, the song has no distinctive beginning, nor an end. The soundtrack to the movie "The NeverEnding Story" (American Version), directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It's a fantasy film, and the song matches the tone, with magical keyboards, windy sound effects, and mysterious lyrics like "Rhymes that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds."


It was a success in many countries, reaching No. The Giorgio Moroder produced track was originally recorded as the theme song for the 1984 film 'The NeverEnding Story' and later released on the former Kajagoogoo frontman's debut solo album 'Don't Suppose'.Subscribe to the Rhino Channel! [1] Anderson does not appear in the music video; frequent Limahl back-up singer Mandy Newton lip-syncs Anderson's part.

The song is presented in such a fashion as to imply that it is ‘never-ending’, in other words having “no distinctive beginning nor an end”. It was produced and composed by Italian musician Giorgio Moroder and performed by Limahl. 6 in the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. It was a success in many countries, reaching No. [3][4], 1 "The NeverEnding Story"/"L'Histoire Sans Fin", This article is about the title song from the film.

There are French and English versions of the song. This combines the official Stranger Things 3 soundtrack version of the Neverending Story theme with the video of the scene it's from. In the French version, Limahl teams up

Plot summary. "The NeverEnding Story" is the title song from the English version of the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. Thus the storyline of the song faithfully matches that of The NeverEnding Story itself, which is based on an unassuming boy who is transported to a magical land which he must save using his imagination. Indeed according to Limahl himself, this song “was such a huge hit Limahl played no part in the The English version featured vocals by Beth Anderson, and the French version titled "L'Histoire Sans Fin" featured vocals by Ann Calvert.

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2 in Austria, Germany and Italy, No. Newton, one of Limahl’s backup singers, lip syncing. The title of this song (“The NeverEnding Story”) is derived from the 1984 film of the same name, with this track serving as the theme song to the English version of the movie.

It was a success in many countries, reaching No. Check back for classic music videos, live performances, hand-curated playlists, the Rhino Podcast, and more!#NeverEndingStoryChallenge #StrangerThings [2] Following the season's release on July 4, 2019, interest in "The NeverEnding Story" surged; viewership of the original music video had increased by 800% within a few days according to YouTube, while Spotify reported an 825% increase in stream requests for the song.

with Ann Calvert.

embodiment of the complex agenda of that movie”. Submit Corrections . The English one features Beth Anderson. All Rights Reserved.

Limahl released two versions of the song, one in English and one in French.

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Limahl - Never Ending Story (Official Music Video) - YouTube “The NeverEnding Story” was a phenomenal success, serving as 2 in Austria, Germany and Italy, No. The track "Ivory Tower" by Giorgio Moroder on the soundtrack is not the same version heard in the movie. handled by record producer Giorgio Moroder. And likewise in the lyrics of the track, we find the singers (Limahl and Beth Anderson) exhorting the addressee to remain steadfast in striving towards fulfilling a dream, as in “the birth of a new day”, and lacking the resolve to do so will result in missing this opportunity. Originally released on vinyl and cassette in 1984, and for the first time on CD in 1986. 6 in Australia and No.

1 in Norway and Sweden, No. For the 2003 single by Within Temptation, see, "NeverEnding Story",

Regarding the production of “The NeverEnding Story”, it was
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