As Mundus was forming, it became evident that many of the et'Ada would be required to sacrifice much of their power in order for the mortal plane to be created. The game is a typical side-scroller in which he battles Decepticons. During the Dawn Era, he and several other et'Ada were convinced by Lorkhan to create the mortal plane, Mundus. While most of his crew chose to take on normal Cybertronian forms, Ultra Mammoth retained his beast form, and through the heroic Galvatron learned that the Matrix he carried was a component of the Star Saber. When Harthacnut died, the English nobles had chosen as their king Æthelred the Unready's son Edward (later known as Edward the Confessor); Magnus wrote to him that he intended to attack England with combined Norwegian and Danish forces and "he will then govern it who wins the victory. Ultra Magnus came away from the encounter with less damage than Prime, and soon had his systems repaired.

From the secret files of Teletraan II: Ultra Magnus is the most mature spokesman for the Autobot cause.

[32][28], Publishers Weekly's review of The Sword of Summer stated that, "ten years after The Lightning Thief... Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard's sensibility is right in line with the Percy Jackson novels, and the audience will be just as large. Ultra Magnus is the main character in the Famicom video game Transformers: Convoy no Nazo.

Hunding also describes the Ginnungagap, the void between the worlds, and the Norse creation story. [3] The Ayleids, masters of the arcane arts, worshiped him as the god of Sight, Light, and Insight and were known to dedicate temples in his name. Featured in the pages of the Transformers: Universe comic book exclusive to the Official Transformers Collectors Convention, this character was established to the RiD Magnus, who, along with Optimus Prime, was plucked from his home universe at a point after the conclusion of Robots in Disguise to become part of a battle between armies gathered from across space and time by Unicron and Primus. The biblical account concludes with Simon’s repentance and apparent reconciliation with Christianity after his condemnation by St. Peter.
[31][28], Mallory Keen tells the seventh story, “So’s Your Face!” which is set in Niflheim.
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