Louis was offered a lifeline of hope by some Muslim defectors who informed him that the enemy camp could be approached from behind by crossing a ford further downstream. In the 1240s Louis IX had as a model of Holy War the biblical figure of Joshua, whose taking of Jericho as the leader of the divinely ordained Israelites, the chosen people, is recounted in the book of Joshua, the sixth book of the Hebrew Scriptures. Very few Germans and Italians would set forth with him when he finally departed on his first Crusade. This was on March 16, 1227, less than four full months after the coronation of Louis. So, let’s consider this evening the man himself, the Crusades, and his homeland, all the while making some applications to our own contemporary situation. Perhaps, at this moment, if Louis struck for the heart of the enemy, he might achieve total victory. He wanted good will between his children and their descendants and those of the Plantagenets. (Thomas was his personal friend.) (Fakhri B. Maluf, Ph.D.), RIP.

It is to skip ahead in time, but on Christmas Day, 1241, Hugh of Lusignan again rose in revolt. Translated by Caroline Smith. Louis was determined to provide the necessary relief. This is not the way of life. 1 The figure of Joshua thus offered an explicit model of conquest, holy war, and the promise of military victory that resonated at the Capetian court … There is a means to it, he says…, Come forward to the defense of Christ. That he was testifies to the Continent-wide reputation he had gained for being impartial and just. He would serve them. Despite the material costs and physical dangers, Louis IX would be back in Crusader action at the other end of his long reign, when he led the Eighth Crusade of 1270 CE. It would be bad enough if our rulers were hypocrites. If any should lose their lives, even on the way thither, by sea or land, or in strife with the pagans, their sins will be requited them.
The crusades were more successful at some times than at others.
Whether or not Louis was familiar with those words, he practiced what Augustine preached. These were troops led by his brother, Alphonse, who had been left behind in case Henry III decided to take advantage of Louis’ absence to launch an invasion across the “English” Channel. If that was how he became known, it is because of actions he undertook based on his belief that a ruler must do all he can to assure the salvation of his subjects, as well as of his own soul.

She dispatched royal troops into Languedoc. He led the Seventh Crusade to the Holy Land in 1248–50 and died on another Crusade to Tunisia.
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