However, in the following episode, he quickly changes his mind when he actually sees the tank that was sent to them, stating, "We can definitely pick up chicks in this thing. 's jeep with a single strike from his sword. Whenever Tucker goes through a teleporter, he always emerges with his armor covered in "black stuff", which appears to be soot.

A few months later, Tucker and Caboose help Church fit into his new body. Having grown strong combat capabilities, Tucker has killed many enemies throughout the series, such as the Red Zealot, Wyoming, the Meta (with assistance from Wash and the Reds), and the Tex drones. he names Santa. Tucker flies over a hill in his Chopper and slashes C.T. Tucker, Caboose, Andy, and the Alien set off on a quest.

During the battle, Wash and Simmons become unable to restore power to Freckles, so Tucker charges towards Red base and successfully deactivates the base computer, restoring the power. Unfortunately, while he usually succeeds, some of Tucker's plans end badly with someone getting hurt or killed. Gamma. Flowers. Like Grif, he has an extreme aversion to combat and work, and often complains and tries to stall when ordered into battle.

History Comments (1) Share. This may be be in part due to Tucker's Sword and maybe connected to the same reason why the sword only functioned for him.

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As things heat up, Donut finally arrives with Doc and Lopez and informs everyone that they were dropped off. Throughout the early seasons, Tucker is often portrayed as immature due to his 'bow chika wow wow' catchphrase that he is often heard saying when making a dirty joke, reference or that's what she said moment. During Reconstruction: Chapter 17, Grif discovers a distress signal from Tucker, and the latter tells him to deliver the message that they "Found what [they] were looking for, and it's under the sand".

The two then decide to go through with Sister's plan of banging past celebrities. Because of his part in the Chorus Civil War, however, he can be considered the main protagonist of the Chorus Trilogy. After the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Tucker was recruited as an agent and mediator between the aliens and humans. The Rooster Teeth Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. However, the group refuses to help them on their mission, due to their attitudes towards them.
Afterwards, Tucker assists Wash in repairing the comm tower and questions why they haven't been found yet, explaining that the ship's GPS would have informed command about their crash.

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In Season 3, when the group tried to tell him that the present is destroyed and they're in the future because Church was facing forwards when the bomb went off, Tucker pointed out that they're always in the present and that one can only face forwards. Sarge and Doc, unfortunately, side with the Blues and Reds and help imprison the crew, with Buckey taking Tucker's sword. Based on his responses, Tucker is successfully chosen to be a member of the Blue Team, though Tucker was completely unaware of what the interview was for. Contents .
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