Fried bread spheres, much like a donut except unsweetened. Airan. Yes, you can get this famous Russian soup here. Today is my neighbor Maral’s birthday, and I promised to whip up come ‘cakes’ for her birthday.

All the ingredients can be found in Kazakhstan unless otherwise noted- things marked with an asterisk you might need to visit a city to find- but it’s here! Below, I attempt a brief listing of food in Astana, but I welcome your additions….

Pull apart and eat with beer. Posted by Лора!

Eat over bread, found in pastries, add to tea for flavor, or even eat by the spoonful over a late afternoon tea. Usually pinched from a soft block and eaten with tea.

Add more or less as you prefer. 2) Add baking soda and baking powder. Variants include Coke Lite, Fanta, Sprite, and limonad, a fizzy fruit-flavored drink. There are all kinds of baked cakes, and the most famous ones, are the so-called damdy-nan, flat cakes. A sweetened sunflower seed paste, common in Russia.

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Herring in a fur coat: This traditional Russian salad is also popular in Kazakhstan. The diversity of ethnic groups in Kazakhstan can only lead to diversity where its cuisine is concerned. Common and served in cafeterias as a drink. My sister has become addicted and now buys it in America. Known as ukrop in Russian, I’ve heard an even better name in Kazakh: askok, which literally means “food-green.” As in, the only spice you need. Judging by its frequency in every shop, restaurant, and party, this belongs on the list. I prefer the chocolate version, or the one with raisins.

Foods to Eat in Kazakhstan. That alone should be incentive enough to entice you.

Kazakhstan desserts. Maybe it’s from withdraw, but I seriously think they’re among the most delicious. Mix well.

At this point, brave salmonella and taste your batter. b) when you plan on taking them to the neighbor’s house!

Temporary Visitors to the U.S. All visa applicants must CAREFULLY double-check information entered on their DS-160 visa application form. Available quite cheaply at most stores and restaurants alongside the main meal.

Jam, or vareniya. Last but not least, desserts!

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