This, he says, makes their case even more difficult. When she couldn’t take the suspense anymore, she went to Frank’s tailoring shop and discovered that Mrs. Hunt sent Fonny to some relatives and that he’d be returning soon.

After Sharon returns from Puerto Rico, Joseph sits down with Tish and insists that she quit her job, telling her that she needs to focus on her health. Worse, Daniel has been arrested. A second narrative line unfolds at the same time as the first, as Tish recalls the beginnings of her relationship with Fonny. Mr. Hayward offers to represent him, but Daniel refuses. While all of these events are happening, Tish remembers the first time they had sex in Fonny's apartment in the Village. It’s a message Baldwin’s black readers picked up from the beginning. Tish realizes that it was also the night when Officer Bell decided he wanted to get Fonny in trouble. New York, NY. She describes their noticing each other as children, their growing closeness as teens, and the moment when they both realized that their connection went deeper than either had believed. [...] The Holy Ghost will cause that child to shrivel in your womb.” As she says this, she advances upon Tish, but Frank stands and slaps her to the floor. Sitting in his office, Hayward explains that Mrs. Rogers, the Puerto Rican woman who accused Fonny of raping her, has fled the United States, most likely returning to Puerto Rico. In the first scene of the novel, Tish speaks to her lover, Fonny Hunt, who is in jail, and tells him she is pregnant. If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin. The work contains many sympathetic portraits of white people, especially Fonny’s harassed white lawyer, whose position is hardly better that the blacks he defends. Knowing this, the courts offered him a deal: he could either plead guilty and receive a reduced sentence, or he could stick to his story and risk an even harsher verdict.
Tish comes to the realization that Mr. Hayward truly does care about Fonny's case, even if it means coming into conflict with his colleagues. Since she knows Bell murdered a young black boy several years ago in Brooklyn, she intends to have that boy’s mother and Bell’s wife—who hates him—attend the trial, hopefully frazzling Bell and ruining his “credibility.” Joseph and Frank also devise their own plot to help with this difficult situation: they start stealing goods from their employers and selling them in Harlem in order to raise money for Fonny’s legal fees. The story is told from the first-person perspective of Tish, a young, pregnant black woman desperate to find ways of getting her husband out of jail and ensuring that their baby lives a life of freedom, surrounded by a loving family. Additionally, Daniel, one of Fonny's key witnesses, has been arrested and is at the mercy of the District Attorney, who will try to convince him to change his testimony. After this incident, Tish didn’t see him for several days, and she worried that she’d given him lockjaw by scraping him with a rusty nail. James Baldwin; a scene from the film adaptation of.
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