The Yeomen of the Guard can be distinguished by their cross belts, worn from the left shoulder. Upon entering World War I, the United States enlarged its military by —? How to Become a Security Guard in Wyoming ; Security Resources provides proven security solutions. It's just the same as joining the army generally. Like most states, New York will also require you to get a security guard license to get a job in the state. Should I still host it? Yeomen of the Guard are not the same as the Yeomen Warders who guard the Tower of London, although their uniforms are almost identical. A royal guard is a group of military bodyguards, soldiers or armed retainers responsible for the protection of a royal person, such as the emperor or empress, king or queen, or prince or princess.They often are an elite unit of the regular armed forces, or are designated as such, and may maintain special rights or … Queen Elizabeth II inspects an honour guard during a welcoming ceremony at Brdo castle, some 50 kilometers north of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana Hrvoje Polan/AFP/Getty Images 16/30 October 11, … If you were asked to go to war, would you go? Why not have a read of the British Army website. How old do you have to be and what are the requirements and all the other stuff and information. It's just the same as joining the army generally. Upon entering World War I, the United States enlarged its military by —? Temporary Service.

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