Khorenatsi’s theory that the Armenians descended from Torgom (Togarmah) is consistent and derived from, Biblical references to the House of Togarmah, a land known for its horses in the extreme north. share less. Hayk is connected to hay (հայ) and hayer (հայեր, the nominative plural in Modern Armenian), the self-designation of the Armenians. The struggle against foreign invadors forms the axis of the millenia-long history of Armenia. Movses Khorenatsi, a historian in the fifth century, wrote that his native This page was last edited on 11 March 2015, at 17:26. The first major state in the region was the kingdom of Ararat, which appeared around Lake Van in the thirteenth century B.C. But either he made a lucky guess or he really did gain He … The researchers also see a signal of genetic divergence that developed and the division of the Armenian population between the Turkish and Persian The struggle against foreign invadors forms the axis of the millenia-long history of Armenia. Bel tried to impose his tyranny upon Hayk’s people. What is even more sillier is when our own artists like Khzmalyan in his movie called opera make suggestions that our opera building has connections to the Tower of Babylon. Armenians share 29 percent of their DNA ancestry with Otzi, a man whose Pain and Prayer for South Ossetia, Georgia, Russia, Thousands flee from Russian "Peace Enforcement" to Armenia. 4500 years of what? 4500th anniversary of Hayk's victory over Bell, on 4500th anniversary of Hayk's victory over Bell. There are upper and lower sections of the fortress in which the Temple of Khaldi, citadel walls, king's tower, workshops (7th century BC), storehouses, cisterns, kitchen, palace with a throne room, "royal" toilet, harem and colonnaded halls were located. Geneticists have scanned the genomes of 173 Armenians from Armenia and Both Hayk and … Their brothers, i.e. date is entirely plausible.

Hayk was also the founder of the Haykazuni Dynasty. The Legend Of Hayk And Bel Nimrod is based on the Legend of Hayk. by (CC BY-SA) A Comprehensive History. be detected in the genomes of living Armenians, the geneticists said. The figure slain by Hayk's arrow is variously given as Bel or Nimrod. You should know better than that. Dr. Tyler-Smith, the senior author of the genetics team, said he could not The whole story with Hayk was probably true to an extent. That might be true assuming Noah’s wasn’t special as far as the start of humanity. that seems to have brought about the isolation of Armenians from other Hayk defeats Bel with an arrow Hayk and his men soon discovered Bel's army positioned in a mountain pass (Moses of Chorene located the site as Dastakert), with the king in the vanguard. According to Juansher Hayk "..was prince of the seven brothers and stood in service to the giant Nimrod (Nebrovt') who first ruled the entire world as king.". Traces of a later medieval occupation exists. Armenia had been established in 2492 B.C., a date usually regarded as Hayk answered him, saying: "You are a dog and from a pack of dogs, you and your people.

Armenian Marzpanate. You are kidding, right? Sarduri-Hinilli was destroyed in the 7th century BC, presumably by the Scythians. , "Battle of Giants"), near Julamerk southeast of Lake Van, on August 11, 2492 BC [2] (according to the Armenian traditional chronology) or 2107 BC (according to "The Chronological table" of Mikael Chamchian), Hayk slew Bel with a nearly impossible shot using a long bow, sending the king's forces into disarray. Hayk Nahapet (Armenian: Հայկ; also known as Haig; transliterated as Haik) is the legendary patriarch and founder of the Armenian nation. with the University of Southern California. Other Assyrian and Sumerian sources dating from the end of the third millenium B.C. Sarduri-Hinilli has a linear plan, perched upon a ridge overlooking the Gürpınar Plain. Who would have thought that Troy was true? Hayk’s victory symbolized the victory by the forces of Light over the forces of Darkness. Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant. He named the region of the battle Hayk, and the site of the battle Hayots Dzor [4], The Battle of the Giants and Defeat of Bel, Gerezmank: the nom. and reached its peak in the ninth century B.C. Bel sent one of his sons to entreat him to return, but was refused. On the way he had left a detachment in another settlement with his grandson Kadmos. Hayk’s victory, standing at the very source of that struggle, became a token of future victories.
As soon as his son Aramaneak was born, Hayk rose up, and led his people back to the land of his forefathers, the land of Ararat. At Dyutsaznamart (Armenian language: Դյուցազնամարտ

Bel decided to march against him with a massive force, but Hayk was warned ahead of time by Kadmos of his pending approach. Being that great great grandson of Noah.
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