As to which list it should belong to, I'm not sure. Suggestion to future posters of such queries: Add a line saying that it's as serious question, not a snide implication, lest others mistake your intentions. There are complexities. There is little doubt that the Vatican is very secretive and has many strange practices. Bhutto was fairly diminutive of stature, so she would have been hard to see and while this would enhance her safety, it would also have lessened the impact of hear appearance at this event, a former undergrad returning as a Prime Minister of a whole country. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, serving two non-consecutive terms. One could also ask the same about ethnic minority leaders. Tm.....Well, I am not iin the business of promoting something just becasue others do, if it performs better than the rest, okay, Out of the 1000 women I have me in business, not 1 is ready to lead, not even close, they are dishonest, lie, cheat, steal, and will harrassee great men, they will conspire ajainest great men, they will lie to police there bosses, fire the best for the company of you dont go along with them and hire there freinds, the majority are nuts, I can find 10000 men for every women, thats the facts, they are given welfare, they recieve the same amt of pay in the mil, corrections, fire fighters positions, police, and are expected and do less work, now they want an equal pay bill for women, becasue they think they are equal, well, women are not equal, men have led for 10000's of years and will always be the greatest leaders, fact, there is a reason women havent lead this country and I hope based upon thier performence they never do, I dont care what anyone thinks infinitley- MR Michael Lee Skellinger,im". 30,579 of her 30,945 Arizona votes are from those two counties. Global Health Magazine has some data up on the "% of women who believe it is OK for husbands to beat them." "Let's Go Back to a Separate Vice President Vote". Smaby was on the ballot only in Minnesota. Trump is trying to appoint him to be assistant administrator for air and radiation. Well, this is kind of a crowd sourcing thing but yeah, it is my blog so I'm totally in charge here so keep in line, people.

There has been one female major party presidential nominee in U.S. history: Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. The most female first ministers at one time was six, … Since I scorn tokenism - and when the GOP aren't pandering to racism, they do indulge in tokenism - I think it's an important distinction. Bit of trivia--she was the only PM not to reside at 24 Sussex Drive since Sussex Drive has been around (would be akin to having a U.S. president not reside at the White House/1600). Boudica ruled the Iceni - does she count? All Rights Reserved. Any particular reason? He insisted that he be in the front of the line. Yeah, I took it the third way, as a cynical note that sexism would increase after a woman leader no matter how well she danced backwards and in high heels! As a consequence, Jenness received 16% and 8% of the vote in Pima and Yavapai, respectively. Robert Moses was on the ballot in some states. With her inception in office she has become the first female and the youngest (age 46) President of the country. Technically - you should remove Ethiopia from your list, since the royal dynasties there trace their heritage from Queen Makeda (known as the Queen of Sheba). You would also have to extend it to handicapped presidents, and then Muslim, gay, etc. First, a little Benazir Bhutto story, since we are on the subject of women leaders.

two elected female leaders)? The real reasons we’ve never had a woman president Voters hold candidates like Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina to a stricter standard. i.e.
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