Turns out it’s my laptop that has some sort of network issue.

(, Doesn’t that make for a better dramatic conflict? (Their last name is Mazur, and her husband is Jakob, so this is not the family of Basia who lost their son Katoa to the protomolecule on Ganymede. Whoo-Hoo! The raw amount of text might be a minor player. It can’t be that complicated.). Recently I hacked up a Python app to do network requests on a timed loop. What was accomplished other than people dying? I’ve noticed going into the stats page that sometimes it claims there are no stats for the period, but a refresh and up they pop. Undisciplined squabbling children? When they first meet, she has a line about helping her nephew out of a jam involving drugs. (Location changes, running on battery only again now that I have a baseline, having my script test more frequently when it detects an error, etc.) Bull ultimately redeems himself and comes off as a good guy. It seems the authors are more interested in telling a socio-political story than a first contact story. I don’t care about the colonists, and I certainly don’t care about RCE. There was a guy upset with her in the first season (from Mars I think), who basically broke off a friendship with her, but it wasn’t her husband. Now I’ve realized the network issues I’ve been having have been dual — there were some issues with my DSL, but this laptop has something very seriously wrong with it concerning network connections.

The swapped sexes put mother Lucia on the.

It has one nice property. This entry was posted on Saturday, August 1st, 2020 at 2:36 pm and tagged with. On the assumption (thin, perhaps) that the same group manages that database (and that the RSS XML comes from that database), I thought maybe the {whatever} might involve a local SQL query. Yeah, I had considered a Dell XPS 13 before. The reason I don’t do that stuff is that it monopolizes my laptop for days. The Expanse Season 4 comes to Amazon Prime video on December 13. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Both are psychopaths, yet still different people. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Since they already have to maintain the RSS functionality anyway, I can see a decision to just use it. He gets a bonus for making sure the colony fails. We’ll always stick to the to the plot because it’s exquisitely done.”, Showrunner Naren Shankar joked that the first thing he does when adapting the next Corey novel is to “cut out the first 300 pages.” Even so, he explained the people behind the camera aim to stay as accurate to the source material as possible: “in those first two 300 pages, there’s a million interesting ideas, and finding ways to express them through our main characters — or moreso through our main characters — is always part of it.”. I would give it an award based on the first three books/seasons. Murtry never could. And I’m out of warranty. All those changes deal with my objection to some apparent repetition in the books, so, as they say, (I wonder if maybe one of the short stories or other works that take place in. ( Log Out /  (There is something strange to me in how the actress delivers lines. He and his husband were looking forward to retiring to Mars, but Avasarala used him to spook the Martian Navy, and he lost his chance.

Either that code does an http request for the RSS XML, or it does {whatever} to access the database. My work PC has 16GB and still performs well, despite being four years old at this point. That is the basis of his relationship with Naomi and, later, with Holden. Really, the only ones possible to care for are the crew of the Rocinante, and we know they’re going to be okay. (Not “hooks up with” hooks up with, but you never know. I had an old XPS 13 years ago and loved it, but that was a completely different line from the current XPS one. ¶ Amos freaking out because he’s blind didn’t read like Amos to me. I have no dog in the fight. Instead they’re tortured lunatics who actually have our best interests at heart. Since support described a post being published as one of the things that triggers a Reader pull, it occurred to me that might be one of the reasons I was seeing more missing posts than other people. It has some good protomolecule bits, and frontier colony stories. But the MS Surface Books aren’t cheap, and their performance is a bit sluggish. Reducing it to 10 may have reduced the write time down enough to make the problem less frequent. (Which, to me, says a lot about the quality of support for the product. The problems began because Holden, Miller, and some protomolecule, showed up, but Miller (with help) solved the problems he created. There would be a list of sites to pull. I think it’s mostly filler to give the actress screen time. I posted about a number of issues I had with it a while back. One thing I do know I’ll make sure to get on the next one, lots of memory. In a statement, he said: “The Expanse transported us across the solar system for three brilliant seasons of television, “Everyone at Syfy is a massive fan of the series, and this was an incredibly difficult decision.” READ MORE: The Grand Tour season 4: Producer exposes ‘problem’ with new series I’ve shunned touch-screen laptops (I really don’t care for touch interfaces), but after owning an iPad for many years, and recently finally getting an iPhone,… nah, I’m still keyboard and mouse for anything serious. All blogs, inside or outside, would present the same RSS interface. (Not so much any more, but a lot of the work I used to do was memory intense.). That’s what makes him a cartoon. I’ll definitely check it out and see how it goes. It really puzzles me. I can buy a better WiFi part and use the LAN port to connect it. “Going direct to the db might just add dependencies they didn’t want to have to maintain.”. For all I know, it’s something to do with the McAfee anti-virus suite. A big one for me, which I’ve mentioned before, is the added conflict in the TV series. And, again, my issues with the later books/seasons are (almost) entirely subjective, not objective. When we see that the Roci just landed on the tower, I couldn’t stop laughing. ( Log Out /  The phrasing feels off — strange pauses. Compare book or TV Murtry with the book’s Carlos “Bull” de Baca (who is completely absent in the TV series).

At what point does he just relax and trust Miller? Really loved the Holden-Miller interaction (although, per the previous note, Holden really needs to learn to calm down and carry on). I should take it somewhere I can use different WiFi.).

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