C51 - Evans gambit, Stone-Ware variation: 1. e4 e5 2. Check out this incredible game!

Learn the key tactics, traps, and ideas to handle Black’s common defenses. Nf3 Nc6 3. It is a safe variation that many strong players have employed in their games with success.

In the Evans Gambit Accepted: Lasker’s Defense, Black goes for a quiet retreat of the Bishop, namely to e7. Often, White gets back the pawn with an advantage, or reaches a good position with lots of compensation for the pawn. This variation has been heavily studied and it’s generally considered to be Black’s best way of facing the Evans Gambit. Once again, one of White’s main ideas in the Evans Gambit is to control the central squares. C51 - Evans gambit: 1. e4 e5 2. Black usually should give back the pawn advantage and get counter play in development but many players never like to give back any material once they get it. The key squares that white should note are the b3 square which usually will be home for the queen, giving support to the bishop on c4. - Chess.com user Micmacmac. The Evans Gambit is an aggressive variation of the Giuoco Piano. Complete Guide To Pawn Structures, Evans Gambit Accepted: Stone-Ware Defense, Evans Gambit Accepted: Lasker’s Defense. This is usually the downfall of black players as white has so many attacking lines that it usually is tough for black to defend all of them properly. Get Unlimited Access To All Of Our Strategies, Practice Games And More. One of the most noticeable weaknesses in White’s position is the pawn on e4. For this reason, and before anything else, Black should open up a safe square for this Bishop by moving the pawn from a7 to a6. This move is also useful because it allows the Bishop on c8 to come out into the game at some point. The stakes are high in this U.S. Championship game.

The fact that Black has not taken the pawn on b4 with his Bishop allows White to make good use of this move.lish attack. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and browse the …

In return, White develops his Knight (2.Nf3). In most lines of the Evans Gambit, the Bishop on c4 is White’s best piece. What happens when Captain Evans plays his own opening? Watch the videos below to watch more detailed explanations of the opening, multiple variations, and extended lines. Black would capture on d4, and ideally White would like to recapture with the pawn in order to maintain a strong pawn center. Special Additions.

Since there is a pawn on c3, the Knight cannot go to that square to defend the pawn, and usually White will want to control the center with d4, which means that he won’t be able to protect the pawn with d2-d3 either. Nakamura Forces The Pawn Down Bobby's Throat, Learn how to play the Evans Gambit and win.

If the Evans Gambit is good enough for Garry Kasparov, is it good enough for you? The Evans Gambit can be divided into four major variations.

Black’s idea is to retreat the Bishop to a safe square, where it cannot be attacked anymore. These Cheat Sheet will give you every plan for each opening. What better way to start teaching the Evans Gambit than the famous Evergreen Game of 1852? Black develops his own Knight and defends the pawn on e5 (2...Nc6). Beating the Open Games (2nd ed.) First, White must move the King’s pawn two squares (1.e4).

In the Evans Gambit Declined, Black drops the Bishop back. White sacrifices a pawn with very interesting and sharp play. The Bishop on c4 can create many dangerous threats to Black’s position. Games Directory Toggle Dropdown GM Roman Dzindzichashvili.

The Modern Approach to Gambits 1 Here's another look at Kasparov vs. Anand from the perspective of gambit strategy. The fact that the pawn on c3 is pinned makes White’s life more difficult, but it’s not enough to prevent him from playing d2-d4 anyway.

This might seem like an awkward square for the Bishop, since it blocks the d-pawn, but one of Black’s weaknesses in the position is the e5 pawn. a3 is usually a great place for the dark squared bishop and in many lines can prevent black from castling kingside. Although the Bishop on a5 does the wonderful job of pinning the pawn on c3, eventually Black would like to place a Knight on this square in order to attack the Bishop on c4 (and potentially the Queen on b3). For this reason, one of Black’s main plans should be to drive this Bishop away, and the most straightforward way of doing so is by playing the Knight to a5. I made many mistakes but kept sticking to the main concepts and it worked. The Evans Gambit Accepted: Main line appears on the board after the following moves: The main idea behind the move Ba5 is to pin the pawn on c3. One of White’s main ideas in the Evans Gambit is to control the central squares.

This gambit is not meant to trade down pieces. It is very hard for black to duplicate this development as they are usually forced to move their pieces in very defensive situations instead of their desired squares. Do you want to attack like a genius? I love the content and how it's presented. ), (You can expect to receive a new cheat sheet every three days. The white knight should develop to c3 as it controls the center and is not blocking off any diagonals for the bishops. The best square for this Knight is f6, from where it looks at the center and targets the e4 pawn. The Evans Gambit Declined appears on the board after the following moves: The Evans Gambit Declined is a quiet and sensible option.

Try the famous Evans Gambit, which has been used by no less than Fischer and Kasparov to beat world-class opponents. This line is not commonly played, which means that many players of the Evans Gambit may be caught off guard. However, White must be wary of some tactical ideas in this position: instead of recapturing with a piece on d4, which would ruin the pawn structure, White can castle and threaten to play Qb3, attacking the pawn on f7. Then, Black’s reply should be to move his King’s pawn two squares as well (1...e5).

Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura trusts the Evans Gambit to bring home the win against GM Robert Hess. After black takes the pawn on b4, white will always continue with c3, followed by d4. This is not a very ambitious idea, since White can make the move b4 useful by expanding on the Queenside with the a-pawn as well, making the Bishop feel uncomfortable on b6.

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