In the depths of a mind insane While location-scouting in California, Marianne Maddalena, a producer on the film series, found the Ghostface mask — made by a Halloween company called Fun World, as part of its “Fantastic Faces” line — in a house that happened to be the same one Alfred Hitchcock featured in his film “Shadow of a Doubt.” Craven immediately loved it.

But it’s also the sepulchral, blank appearance, that recalls a skull.

In 2015, Leatherface appeared as a playable character in the video game Mortal Kombat X,[2] and in 2017 as a playable character in Dead by Daylight.[3]. Empty eyes enslave the creations [10][11] In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Shadow Company operator Velikan was given a costume resembling Leatherface as a part of The Haunting of Verdansk event.[12].

He'll do whatever they tell him to do.

As a child, a severe facial deformity ate away most of his nose and made him subject to cruel ridicule from his peers. When Hewitt didn't, the boss and the co-worker bullied him, calling him a "retard" and a "dumb animal". Upon discovering that Heather Miller is his long lost cousin and last surviving relative, Leatherface spares her, and she in turn rescues his life and helps him exact revenge on the man who led the mob attack on their family in 1974. For masks like those worn by Hannibal Lecter (whose character in “The Silence of the Lambs” was also based on Ed Gein and whose unique muzzle was based on a hockey mask… In Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, former professional wrestler R. A. Mihailoff played Leatherface, while in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, the character was portrayed by Robert Jacks. After health inspectors shut the factory down, Hewitt's boss and a reluctant co-worker ordered him to leave.

He wore a small leather mask to cover up his deformity, and worked at the same meat factory where he was born, for the same boss as his mother.

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Leatherface is living with his brothers Drayton and Nubbins and Grandpa on their farmhouse in Texas. [Chorus] Not wearing one can be deadly,” the video ends.

This grotesque piece of human flesh is specially designed to show your own face through the unnaturally stretched mouth. Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein, who also wore masks made of human skin,[1] was reportedly the inspiration for Leatherface and other elements in the original film. Lose all mind control, rationale declines Hello, Mr. They later reprimand Leatherface for not looking after his "livestock.".

With the family exposed after the events of the first film, the comics show the Hewitt family living in a series of tunnels in the sewers of Travis County. Leatherface's signature weapon is a chainsaw, though he has used other weapons to murder his victims.

The remake offered a different reason as to why Leatherface wore masks.

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