Because after everyone left for the wedding, Tim had an epiphany. Lou starts to get stressed quickly about people not sticking to her schedule and Amy spending too much time with Melody. After Amy succeeds in improving Prince she reads out the news article praising her work and Heartland. After Amy and Ty get back from a picnic, Mallory and Lou show her the "Miracle Girl" video online of her helping Caesar. She calls him later to inform him she has the money and he can come and collect it tomorrow, she stores it in the barn office for the time being. In town, Lou runs into a guy, P.W., accidentally spilling coffee all over him, she apologizes and leaves.

However, in The Best Laid Plans she receives a phone call telling her she has been fired. All the while Luke’s mom Andrea was packing all of her and Luke’s stuff in the car and driving off. She offers to help Lou organize the wedding but she declines. #01 Because that’s the only way we will find out where the stories of these characters are heading next.

An old friend of Lou's becomes the manager of the diner. #12 After dinner, Lou tells Ty how excited Amy is for the formal and notices he doesn't share the same enthusiasm. (Letting Go) 2x03 Lou shows Tim around the new cabins at the Dude Ranch. Callie tells Lou that she's going to help Tim at Big River, Callie asks Lou why no one likes her and Lou confesses that Tim never told them about her. Lou gets jealous when they tell her that Lauren got promoted and now has her old job. She watches Taylor and Amy dinging while brushing Trooper and decides to stay a few more days. He tells her that he didn't even know if Marion got it because she never told him.

Amy delivers the foal with help from Lou and Mrs. Bell. They call Mark to report them and he tells them but nothing that has been done has been illegal, the only way to save them is to buy them and then asks Lou out on Friday. Tim delivers the idea of having motor homes for more space at the Dude Ranch, no one seems keen. Season 11 #09 #03 #09 (Starstruck!) He admits he orchestrated the interview and proposed because he got a job at a family firm so he should have a family to work there. She finds Ashley in the house and starts talking to her, she tells Lou that she's not going back to school and Lou tries to convince her otherwise. She tells Lou that Mackenzie's parents are high society and a small wedding to them means 250 people. She later sings karaoke "Bad timing", after the new commercial plays and she is devastated at how it turned out.

Lou spends a lot of time trying to bake Jack a birthday cake for after dinner, Carl teases her about it. Heartland, Season 1 After the reunion she and Scott go to Maggie's, she tells him that she's decided to go to the interview. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lou takes Kate to the office, and tries to convince her to stay another night to no avail, she prints off her receipt when Kate hears Taylor singing and goes to see. #04 #11 #10 #03 #07 She also inform Lou that she is currently pregnant and expecting in the winter. When messaging Peter, they talk about their date and he tells Lou that he'll be the one without a cowboy hat.

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