A former Batman villain and a founding member of the Suicide Squad, Floyd Lawton is the ultimate killer for hire.One of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe, Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Nachdem auch dieses Projekt scheitert, gibt Lawton seinen weitreichenden Ehrgeiz auf und wird zum gedungenen Killer, der seine Dienste jedem feilbietet der bereit ist, ihn „angemessen“ zu entlohnen. Created by David Vern Reed, Lew Schwartz, and Bob Kane, the character made his first appearance in Batman #59 (June–July 1950). Deadshot is one of the world's greatest assassins, mostly known for his expert marksmanship and near perfect track record. At the end of the miniseries, the conflict ends in stalemate and Deadshot's status remains roughly unchanged from the end of his second miniseries. Die Hauptfigur der Deadshot-Serien ist der titelgebende Söldner Floyd Lawton, alias Deadshot, ein mit den Attributen eines Antihelden ausgestatteter Berufskiller und Glücksritter, der im Zuge seiner Aufträge allerlei brisanter Abenteuer erlebt. Deadshot is a hired assassin and the world's greatest marksman. Despite his disadvantages, Deadshot defeats the clone and sacrifices his life in the process. The shooting of his own "image" affects him greatly; for a while, he does not even fix the hole in his own uniform. Nach mehreren weiteren – ebenfalls unglücklich endenden – Auseinandersetzungen mit Batman schließt Lawton sich der Suicide Squad an, einer von der US-Regierung ins Leben gerufenen Task-Force, die überführten Kriminellen im Austausch für ihre Dienste Haftverschonung gewährt. Lawton is forced to kill the man with a bullet to the head. Batman instead shoots the detonator and defeats Deadshot as Alfred frees the rest of the hostages. He feels he has no reason to continue living, and, while he does not want to commit suicide, he simply does not care if he dies. [4], Deadshot is often a hired assassin, regularly boasting to "Never Miss". Deadshot appears in Arrow digital comic, working as part of the Suicide Squad, killing members of the extremist sect Onslaught in the Republic of Kasnia along with Bronze Tiger. While Deadshot wasn't in the TV series Young Justice, he did appear in the tie-in comic. When Eddie attempted the kill, he shot his father's spine, crippling him. However, it is later shown that Scandal is now in possession of the card. Set in a near alternate future of the New 52, Lawton is imprisoned in an underground Belle Reeve missing his shooting arm. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Produktinformationen "Suicide Squad: Deadshot" Dieses Special nimmt den unfehlbaren Todesschützen der Suicide Squad ins Visier: Deadshot ! From that moment on, Floyd swore to never miss another shot again.[10].

Later, when Deadshot is forced to leave the family for their protection, she is granted admittance to a good school thanks to her father's connections. While Bruce manages to save Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon, Deadshot kidnaps Alfred with the rest of the Arkham staff and attaches explosives to each of them. He goes to the Joker's cell and explains that he has taken a contract on the Joker's life, due to his indirect responsibility for the death of a high school student. [11] Various reasons have been cited for this, but the most common thread in them is his parents' peculiar hatred for one another. Dieses Special nimmt den unfehlbaren Todesschützen der Suicide Squad ins Visier: Deadshot! Deadshot has proven to be a formidable hand-to-hand combatant when needed due to his excellent physical condition and training as an assassin. In the New 52 continuity of Suicide Squad, there is a Japanese girl named Suchin Lawton who is revealed to be Deadshot's daughter, though little else is revealed. In his run on Suicide Squad, John Ostrander delved into Deadshot's past and family background. Deadshot appears in the Batman: Arkham series, voiced by Chris Cox. He remains a part of The Secret Six and is shown having reached a grudging friendship with another member, Catman. Deadshot almost gets his wish to die when he confronts a Senator who is threatening to expose the Suicide Squad to the world. Deadshot, along with Scandal Savage, Bane, Rag Doll, and Catman reunite the Secret Six, having been hired to retrieve Tarantula from Alcatraz Island, and find a card which she stole from Junior, a mysterious villain who supposedly runs the entire West Coast mob. In der Folge „The Enemy Below“ der Serie Justice League wird er angeheuert, um Aquaman – ein Mitglied des Heldenteams nach dem die Serie benannt ist – zu ermorden, kann aber durch die Justice League aufgehalten werden. She has the ghastly appearance of an old clown, with sliced skin and eyes stitched wide open to give the appearance of a clown. Deadshot, has no real superhuman abilities, unless you count his uncannily accurate aim and affection for firearms of all types. Im Videospiel Injustice 2 für Playstation 4 und Xbox one ist Deadshot als spielbarer Charakter verfügbar. In The Flash digital comic, Lawton teams up with Digger Harkness and Carrie Cutter as part of the Squad. Oktober 2020 um 22:32 Uhr bearbeitet. [10] It is later revealed that Junior is in fact Rag Doll's sister and daughter of the first Rag Doll. They each fire at him, but he is saved by The Flash, who rushed him to safety while the Squad appears to recognize him. Auch in den Serien Arrow, Flash und Smallville taucht Deadshot alias Floyd Lawton auf.

The series ends with Deadshot faking his death, having realized a normal life is not for him, but also having mostly cleared up the area and convincing Green Arrow to patrol it more regularly. He is adept in Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai. Deadshot is made team leader due to his skill under pressure, but quickly grows disillusioned with the group after a planned visit with his daughter, his first since his arrest, is withheld from him and ultimately aborted within minutes of him reuniting with his daughter in order to send him on a mission.

[6] After breaking out of jail, Deadshot begins hiring his services out as an assassin. He also intentionally grazed the skull of Enchantress while she was flying, since he was asked to take her down non-lethally. The Six manage to catch up to Deadshot, only to be attacked by Junior and the Super villains, and the Mad Hatter, who is revealed to be the one who hired them, simply so they would be killed. The character was significantly expanded upon by … Floyd took a shot from his tree house but accidentally killed Eddie instead. Bruce talks to Lawton in person in hopes of getting Deadshot to target him instead of the Arkham staff, but he antagonizes Lawton to the point where he decides to go after those close to Bruce instead. After Nassar blows up an Onslaught truck, Deadshot and the rest of the group find a survivor to take them to Khem-Adam. Eventually Floyd's mother claimed his father had become "too abusive", prompting Floyd and Eddie to kill him. Deadshot was created by David Vern Reed and Lew Sayre Schwartz. für „Selbstmordkommando“) ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm aus dem Jahr 2016, der als Comicverfilmung auf dem gleichnamigen Antiheldenteam, Suicide Squad, des Verlages DC Comics basiert. In retaliation, Deadshot crippled her spine. Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. They arrive there and free the kidnapped girls, killing several Onslaught agents along the way.

They arrive outside of the man's former apartment and Deadshot helps to knock him down, before Cupid traps him with a net.

Soon, the Six are attacked by a small army of super-villains, all wanting to recover the card and collect the reward of $20 million for each of the Six, under the orders of Junior, who captures and tortures Bane, whose strong principles and moral convictions, paired with his fatherly fondness of Scandal keep him from betraying his new team.

Later, she is present when her father calls her mother and informs her that he will never see them again, for their own safety. Nebenbei offenbart er erstmals so etwas wie einen edlen Charakterzug, als er seine kleine Tochter – die von dem Verbrechersyndikat entführt worden war – aus dessen Gewalt rettet. However, Batman ultimately does get Deadshot to abort the hit by freezing his client's bank accounts. He also is bitter enemies with Captain Boomerang. The Six escape, and head for Gotham City, with Deadshot seemingly betraying them and leaving with Tarantula. Autor der Reihe war der Amerikaner John Ostrander. Waller tells him and the rest of the Squad to suit up, as they were going in to stop the Shark. He does manage to shoot Ruuman's brother, Sumaan in the shoulder before he's nearly beaten to death by Superboy (who was aggressive due to Luthor's patch drug) and carried to the hospital by Superman.

He often expresses disappointment at surviving his missions, such as immediately lamenting "damn" when awakening in a hospital. Lawton is sent to Arkham Asylum after his lawyer argued for his untreated PTSD, where a shadowed figure offers him a spot in the Suicide Squad.[25]. [21], During the War of Jokes and Riddles, a story taking place in the early days of Batman's career, Deadshot sided with the Joker. Auch in diesem Film spielt Floyd Lawton alias Deadshot mit und gehört zu einer der Hauptrollen. Wonder Woman stops him at the last minute. Around this time, Deadshot travels overseas to kill the Pope. headquarters, taking out ten men in 7 seconds. Die Reihe umfasste vier Ausgaben. [18], Deadshot ultimately sacrifices his life to kill the evil cult member Regulas, who had brainwashed most of the members of Suicide Squad and had recruited Black Spider into his group Basilisk in order to assassinate Amanda Waller. This makes him unpredictable as an opponent, as his willingness to die allows him to deliberately injure himself to achieve a goal. Her mother gave up prostitution and drugs for Zoe's sake and moved them to a poor neighbourhood in Star City, where she was raised for four years without her father's knowledge.

[23] The character once shot an apple off of Captain Boomerang's head with his eyes closed. Floyd's parents were the most powerful people in his town, but they were known to despise each other. Die erste Miniserie folgte 1987. Deadshot was portrayed by Bradley Stryker in the final season of Smallville, by Michael Rowe in the Arrowverse, and by Will Smith in the DC Extended Universe, starting with the 2016 film, Suicide Squad. Batman uses the technology of Lawton's mask to later survive an encounter with the Joker and Onomatopoeia. During the fight, Deadshot reveals that he is actually still working for Waller, before killing Boomerang and chasing away Killer Croc, who was also trying to kill Batman, with one of the former's explosive boomerangs.

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