'Dazed and Confused' is a song written and arranged by British rock group Led Zeppelin, based on an original composition by Jake Greer Holmes, also titled 'Dazed and Confused'. «Dazed and Confused» er en sang av det britiske hardrockbandet Led Zeppelin, fra deres debutalbum Led Zeppelin, utgitt i 1969.Den ble skrevet av Jimmy Page kort tid etter at The Yardbirds ble oppløst.. Sangen «I'm Confused» ble ofte spilt av Jimmy Page og The Yardbirds under konserter i 1968, en sang som opprinnelig var en noe omskrevet versjon av sangen «Dazed and Confused» av John Holmes. [22] The bowed section gives way to Page's riff-laden guitar solo, propelled by a bass ostinato and fast driving 4/4-meter. März 1968 ist unter dem Titel "I'm Confused" Bestandteil des Albums Live Yardbirds: Featuring Jimmy Page (1971). Es wurde das Kernstück der Led-Zeppelin-Konzerte, zumindest bis zur Veröffentlichung von "Whole Lotta Love" auf ihrem zweiten Album. [14], Citizendium - a community developing a quality, comprehensive compendium of knowledge, online and free. Dort wird als Autor "by Jake Holmes arr. [3] Opening with a measured slow-tempo rhythm accentuated by John Paul Jones' descending bass line in the key of G Major, it builds to a climactic menacing performance, initiated by John Bonham's intense drumming and Jimmy Page's rapid fire guitar solo. En juin 2010, Jake Holmes poursuit en justice Jimmy Page, le guitariste de Led Zeppelin, pour violation de copyright, prétendant avoir écrit et enregistré Dazed and Confused deux ans avant son apparition sur le premier album de Led Zeppelin. [6][b] He liked the song and bought the album the next day, subsequently playing it to the rest of the band. The improvisational nature of the live version of 'Dazed and Confused' allowed for other Led Zeppelin material and favourite covers to be eased into the composition. Plant's vocal is raw and powerful, delivered with "unrelenting passion. After hearing Holmes perform the song in August 1967, English rock group the Yardbirds reworked it with a new arrangement.

[24] The Yardbirds' new arrangement, contributed by the four members, soon amounted to a major reworking of Holmes' original piece. Parmi les preuves, Jake Holmes cite un enregistrement du droit d'auteur en 1967 pour la chanson et qui est renouvelé en 1995[4]. August 1967 trat Jake Holmes als Vorband für die britische Rockband The Yardbirds im Village Theater in Greenwich Village auf. C'est d'ailleurs le seul titre qui n'est pas crédité d'un auteur[7]. Es ist wohl eines von diesen Liebesliedern.“. [21], It begins with a bowed electric guitar phrasings by Page, answered by vocal and harmonica interjections by Relf. (dt. Engineered and mixed by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, London in October 1968, 'Dazed and Confused' was included as a key track on Led Zeppelin's eponymous 1969 debut album, Led Zeppelin. Erst in den frühen 80er sandte er einen Brief an Jimmy Page, in dem er auf seine Autorenschaft bestand und um eine Entlohnung bat, erhielt aber keine Antwort.[2].

Allerdings führte Page Teile des Bogensolos während Solos 1977 und 1979 auf (als Einleitungen von "Achilles Last Stand" und "In the Evening"). [15], Singer Keith Relf initially followed Holmes' verses, but later often changed the order or mixed lines from different verses. [11] Er wurde dann aus ihrer Live-Setlist genommen. På alla Led Zeppelins utgåvor av låten står Jimmy Page som upphovsman. Quando gli Yardbirds si sciolsero (1968), Dazed and Confused fu rielaborata nuovamente da Page, questa volta da membro dei Led Zeppelin. Accusé de violation de droits d'auteur par Jake Holmes en juin 2010, Jimmy Page passe un accord à l'amiable avec le musicien folk en janvier 2012 afin que celui-ci arrête la procédure. Sie arbeiteten zusammen daran, wobei Page das Gitarrenriff in der Mitte beisteuerte und Keith Relf geringfügige Änderungen des Textes vornahm. Dazed and confused is een folkrocknummer dat in 1967 werd geschreven door de Amerikaanse singer-songwriter Jake Holmes.Het nummer verscheen op Holmes' debuutalbum "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes.De Engelse rockband The Yardbirds speelde het nummer als een vast onderdeel van hun liveoptredens. Im Juni 1969 hörte die restliche Band in dem Teil, in dem Page seine Gitarre mit einem Bogen spielt, komplett auf, wodurch er eine sehr lange frei geformte Improvisation spielen konnte. [49] A collector Rick Barrett, dedicated to his Led Zeppelin memorabilia, sold several copies of the promo EP for US$300–500 each, "depending on the condition of the sleeve and of the record itself," said Barrett. [7] The case was "dismissed with prejudice"[a] on January 17, 2012, after the parties reached an undisclosed settlement out of court. In the early 1980s, he wrote to the group and asked for a co-credit, but received no reply. [11] Bassist Chris Dreja later said, "We found it, arranged it and played it. [51] The suit was "dismissed with prejudice" on January 17, 2012,[a] after an undisclosed settlement between Page and Holmes was reached out of court in the fall of 2011. Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day, Dieser Artikel behandelt den Song. Dazed And Confused This song is by Led Zeppelin and appears on the live album BBC Sessions (1997). [44] It was played on every tour up to and including their 1975 shows at Earls Court.

It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. [43] "Dazed and Confused" was the second song recorded at the Olympic sessions. Dazed and Confused est une chanson composée par l'auteur-compositeur-interprète américain Jake Holmes pour son premier album studio « The Above Ground Sound » of Jake Holmes paru en juin 1967 sur le label Tower Records, puis réarrangée par le guitariste Jimmy Page avec les Yardbirds et finalement enregistrée avec son nouveau groupe Led Zeppelin pour leur premier album intitulé Led Zeppelin publié le 12 janvier 1969 par Atlantic Records. Performed in a folk rock-style, he recorded it for his debut album "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes. They reworked it, focusing the arrangements based on the descending bass line. [32] (Within a week, Page responded with an injunction, which prevented further sales of the album. Der Song ist über ein Mädchen, das sich noch nicht entschieden hatte, ob sie bei mir bleiben will oder nicht. [5] Holmes' singing has been described as "pained",[1] and the lyrics ("you're out to get me/you're on the right track") and ("I'm being abused/I'm better off dead"), coupled with the arrangement led some people to think the song was about a bad acid trip. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like.

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