"Doesn't it bother you?"

Her words are another blunt blow to the head, and Weigert's face shows the shock of it.

Enemies of Gerald Ford used to wisecrack that this un-intellectual president, a former football player, had taken too many tackles with his helmet off. Abby innocently introduces herself to Graham before making awkward conversation with Sam and leaving the store by herself. She walks into the loft one day and finds a sleeping Abby, still naked from her most recent session. Concussion isn't a bad movie - however, with the real-life implications of the story and subject matter this could have been a hard hitting dramatic tour de force.Instead it is a passable drama. In CONCUSSION, Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) is a caring, thorough doctor at the Pittsburgh medical examiner's office who's baffled by his latest case: local football legend Mike Webster, who had deteriorated into a semi-coherent druggie before dying for no obvious reason. The science behind the discovery of CTE is fascinating, but the players who are destroyed by it are even more so, and they unfortunately don't get enough time on-screen. There's something unpleasant about her as the film goes on. The lesbian marriage pictured here has all the trappings of good happy suburban life, but with the same underlying malaise we have come to expect in such portrayals. Some consumer brands are shown on-screen, including Vaio computers. Kate has a demanding job as a divorce lawyer, and Abby has a business flipping apartments in nearby Manhattan. It's not just because "Concussion" is about a marriage between two women, although that is part of it. What is so interesting about Weigert's portrayal of Abby, what makes it so compulsively watchable, is that you understand that she doesn't quite know why she is doing what she is doing. It makes her feel superior.

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