Head over to the Pokemon Center and you will be greeted by Gran. The south-west hole is where you need to go to advance. The first battle has level 20s though so be careful. Having an empty space in your party will allow Mew to join your team. Head on over to the house that is east of the gym. on this level. Upon Lugia being released by Pius, a sailor will appear on Route 40, looking for someone with Dive. You will have five battles on this bridge. You can keep doing the first floor over and over again if you want $1200 each time. The first room has the friend Diana, she will just say she's hungry and she gets mad. Battle him and pick it up. Head up this path and you will see an item ball on the other side of the water, it's a sharp beak. Go heal up and head through the hall where the guards are. FanMade_Pokemon_Glazed_version Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He will then tell you that he had a vision that Regina will capture Articuno at Kolo Isle then he flies away. As you head out, Chelle will stop you and you will engage a battle with her. At the end of the path you will come up to the ruins where Blake tells you a grunt is reading the tablet and he asks you if you want to see a member of the elite four in action, the grunt runs off. Note: As of the newest version of the RomHack, Silver needs to be beaten in Evergreen town before you can proceed through Route 48. Continue forward through the next checkpoint which will check for your dirt badge, follow the path to the next arc which will check for your crest badge and continue to the next one for the stem badge. Stratus and follow the path all the way to the end where the boulder is, which you can now move! Go over to the east and enter Makunouchi's gym where you have to defeat his prizefighter in a match before the gym leader. The two Rocket members that have these two passwords are (Terry can be skipped until later if you can't beat him) Off to Seaspray! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Go to the house above the poke center. Go through it. Jump of the ledge and ride the Ski Lift to go to Upper Kolo. Well, too bad, you can't. Head inside and go talk to the gym leader to start your battle. - axejr 4(mm)/12(dd)/2020(yyy), "Thanks guys for taking your time in making this walkthrough, it helped me a lot and I wouldn't have completed the game without this." All are obtainable once you get the HM move Waterfall. If you head all the way north (on foot) you will come to some trees you need to cut and then finally a house. Some parts may still be edited by others but have fun! After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel to Spatial Sea. Falkner will stop to talk to you and ask if you are going to challenge his gym. Follow the path and defeat the 2 trainers; be careful of the black spots on the ground, it will burn your pokemon. The building above the Pokémon Center has two people who sell your normal healing items and one sells you minerals. Cyclist Ford: Lv33 Arbok, Lv33 Seviper, Lv33 Arbok. You can buy a cup of cocoa in the Olivine Cafe. There are also several more items in Ice Path, including Never-Melt Ice. Head back up and into the gym, Ernest stops you. The Swords of Justice then leaves as Regina tells Pius something important and vice versa (*ahem*). After you beat him he will say he is done with you.

Espo Forest Congratulations on the Zephyr Badge! Head west out of Violet City. Head on in! Go heal your team and go to Pryce's house just above the Pokecenter to get TM14 Blizzard. Surf over the water go north then west then south and then west once more where you will push a boulder and head outside.

Since there is no switch, you'll As you enter, go west. There is also an optional route where you can dive down a hole to get to her, enter the gym, and immediately turn left and you sink into a hole. After the battle she heads off and you slip into the parallel universe once again. Head west out of town and up the waterfall. Otherwise, come back the way you came through Springside Path, using CUT. Once he is done talking go talk to him and he will tell you he doesn't know Jasmine and the Deacon will come talk to him about 'the woman'. Time to head into the gym! Walk south a little bit and Luke (You don't know him yet.) Easy shortcut to a sweet victory. Stratus now that you can use rock smash you can grab that poke ball down the path for the Nugget.

[older version] Congatulations! Guide Gent will talk to you and tell you to head over to Elm's lab. Head on forward and talk to Sparky to initiate your first gym battle! He will also give you Focus Punch. Leave the cave and head over to where the three are going as well. Head back onto route 29 and go west until you can go north. Head back and go up the stairs, grab the repel and head out of the exit. If your Pokémon is happy: You receive Return. Go south down one step then go west over one. Now defeat the two Rocket members, and go to the third floor. Head south where you will find the penthouse key on the ground. She tells you she hasn't seen Jasmine in a couple days and she needs your help. Head back to the elevator, go to floor 3, and talk to the girl in the hall; she will give you a TM09 (Grass Knot) [older version: Fire Stone]. Now go back to the cave. You can teach your Pokémon Spore or Leaf Blade ( Curse and Seed Bomb in Blazed Glazed) here if you want. Oceanview City; Serenity Isle; Seaspray Town; Stormy City; Gyms 5-8. Each time you pass by one, a Rocket member (also known as a Go through the name choice and the starting scene like most games. Mortar and go to the ladder at the end of the path to pick up a big pearl. Here you will find TM 29 - Psychic. You can't go into the gym quite yet so stock up on supplies and head west out of the city. need to hit the switch. Go east into the room. Talk to the female on the path in front of you to get Moomoo Milk. Upon encountering Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram, each will reveal a certain plume (even if you don't capture them). After Regina captures Ho-Oh, travel to the top of the Bell Tower. Go back up and head west and all the way south out of the cave. Go back outside and head over to the exit that was blocked by the two Team Fusion grunts. Time for the gym battle. Head back to the first locked door in the first area and unlock it. Enter the Ice Path. Followed this guide and helped me so much. After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel to Haunted Seaway. Take this to the top level of the Embedded Tower to battle Rayquaza. Route 38/39 The guy in the house to the north will make custom poke balls for apricorns. talk to her after you battle her. She will also give you TM02 Dragon Claw. This was an awesome adventure. If you talk to the girl in the house to the southeast she will say her uncle might give you a TM. The yellow building is the dojo. Go past the next grunt and jump over the two steps on the top left and head into the hole. Also if he kills you, it's possible to redo it, but if you kill Zygarde you can't redo it. Go back into town and heal if you need then head to the gym. badge allows you to use Whirlpool outside of battles. Now onto floor 4. Blackthorn City is in the Northeast Johto Region. Head south west into the path you haven't been to yet. She will give you a bike. Go to the right and heal your party and pick up the twisted spoon. Go south when you can, again the cheesy path will have poison ivy on it. Here you can catch some deep sea pokemon. If you do trade, the Scyther will turn into a Scizor when you receive it. Get ready , heal up and stock up on all your supplies and head up the steps into the door. Head on into the gym. He then heads to Peaks of Alpha. Go north and you will see some steps, go up them and head into the next area. Talk to the vendors to the right in the building once you get up there, they will let you rent skis (you have to give them back before taking the ski lift back to the city). You will see Tye and Chelle arguing about who goes in first. He will tell you to contact him if you hear anything about team fusion.

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