Blackthorn City Gym. The Master of the Dragon User Clan is located here, and he will quiz the player on their attitude towards and treatment of their Pokémon. How do you think about the answers? This gym is unavailable to you until after you've defeated Team Rocket and cleared them out of the Radio Tower. Blackthorn City's Gym uses primarily Dragon-type Pokémon. 3 0. 6 People on the main map. Clair is a proud person who claims to be the world's best Dragon Trainer.

: Yes.

The masters built the Dragon's Den, a cavern with an underground lake that contains a shrine to Dragon Pokémon, as well as the elders of the Dragon clan. The Move Deleter can make your Pokémon forget any move they've learned, including moves they learned from Hidden Machines (HM's), which were unforgettable in Red/Blue/Yellow. In order to delete an Hidden Machine move, the player must first have another Pokémon with that same move in order for it to be deleted.

my family wants me to spend more time outside my room? Correct answers will be rewarded, with a Dratini that knows ExtremeSpeed.
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