Spoiler alert: this review reveals a plot twist. LWLies 86: The Shirley Issue – On Sale Now!

Others will finally wake up. A Bigger Splash has something of the erotic languor and implied daddy-daughter issues of Françoise Sagan’s Bonjour Tristesse – the complicated four-way nexus of desire even reminded me a little of Alan Hollinghurst’s novel The Spell. Johnson as the slinky, seductive daughter Fiennes’ character only recently In fact, the 19th century poet proves to be a surprisingly pervasive influence; not only does the setting recall Villa Diodati, the mansion on Lake Geneva where Byron, fleeing from debt and rumour, holed up in 1816, but, just as Byron was the last of the Romantics, Harry himself feels like the last of their modern day iteration – a libertine from the age of the rock star. → Access the digital edition nude sunbathing, midday lovemaking and long soaks in the nearby mud baths.

Riffing on Jacques Deray’s 1969 film La Piscine, A Bigger Splash pursues this death-of-Europe narrative with a level of bawdy panache that belies the seriousness lurking beneath its polished veneer. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. As the quartet - joined for a time by two more women whom Harry takes it upon himself to invite - cavort under the Italian sun, conversations are held, secrets revealed and betrayals occur.This is very much an actors' film, and Fiennes does a splendid job as the over-enthusiastic, noisy Harry; I wanted to punch him after about five minutes. worshipped as much as the cool, blue Mediterranean Sea or the imposing volcanic Read an interview with Luca Guadagnino exclusively in LWLies Weekly. All rights reserved. He has primed Penelope to ask Paul intrusive and insensitive questions about his alcoholism and the car crash, so the two visitors present a sustained assault on the couple’s secluded calm. Here the director explains the evolution of the project and why he believes cinema is losing its identity as a visual medium.

Harry’s arrival on a plane is surreally announced by the jet’s shadow passing ominously over Marianne and Paul’s reclining bodies. ► Trailer.

With a special emphasis on Fiennes performance.

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